Sprout.jpgEven at present time, identifying the true definition of life has been a very difficult task. But for scientists especially biologists, life is a quality for beings capable of metabolism, growth, and reproduction. These living beings are what we call as organisms. A human being is an organism. So is a mouse, a fish, a tree, a bird, or a fungus. So are bacteria and many other minute creatures invisible to the unaided eye.

Life’s a gift.

Holistically, life may well be understood as a wonderful gift that distinguishes us from all nonliving unit of our world. It brings a being into animation and gives a person the consciousness of the world and its environment. With life, Earth became a more active and dynamic world as opposed to the arid neighboring planets of our solar system.  For humans, life is often quantified by year– a cycle of time consisting approximately 365 days of living. Every first day of the year, people celebrate for the reason that they do believe that a new year symbolizes longevity or another episode of existing on Earth. But the number of years of living should be the least of an individual’s concern because what matters more is how one makes use of the time of his/her life.

The way an individual manages life will determine what that person will become. And there are many ways to handling or directing life. One could master creativity and ingenuity so as to become an artist who can unveil imaginative thinking in all sorts of ways – singing, dancing, painting, writing, etc. Or one could choose to become a doctor who is an expert in the science of medicine or who is concerned for the well-being of others and. A person could also choose to become a scientist who has a great curiosity and whose trade is engaged towards solving scientific problems. The point is you decide the path of your own life and for you to truly succeed is to reach your life’s desires and ambition. |

Happy holidays and cheers for another year of life!

More on life with upcoming blog posts.  Keep posted.

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