My mother is fighting for Mother Nature in the Battle against Plastic Pollution

Mother Nature vs Pollution

Majority of people from the past generations are accustomed to using materials that they don’t know can harm the environment. One of these materials is plastic that is now exploited across the globe in different sorts of designs and uses. But due to the unmonitored and excessive use of plastics for the past long decades, the natural environment is now in imminent danger. We are now witnessing the gradual rise of the world’s temperature, the decline of animal populations, pollution of the aquatic bodies, and even contamination of food supplies.

Now, the dilemma is whether the past and older generations can or cannot be persuaded to changing their lifestyles and stop or reduce using plastics in their everyday life. But I have proof that they can indeed. My mom, now at her 60+ ripe age, has become aware of the increasingly harmful effects of plastics and hence became one of the fighters for Mother Nature.

Mother eco bags
Me and my mother (top photo). Paper eco mini bags (right-most photo). Eco mini bag made up of unused sack bags (bottom photo).

From now on, she vows to reduce the use of plastics by bringing her own eco basket whenever she goes to the local market. But not only that, but she also brings her own eco mini bags made of paper and old sack bags that will basically contain any of her purchased goods – such as leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, meat, dried fish, and all other sorts that can be found in the market. The materials she uses for crafting these eco mini bags are recycled from old, used papers she could find at home and from unused large sack bags.

While having a conversation with her about the environment, she says that the most alarming effect of plastics she has heard is how these materials go into the ocean and reach human food resources for example fishes, aquatic plants, and sea salts. She is scared that consuming plastic-contaminated food resources can drastically cause a detrimental effect on human health. She is also terrified of the numerous news she has read on how plastics caused the death of many aquatic species.

I am so my proud of my mother for becoming a nature activist. She has been enlightened to the world’s current situation and now, she’s creating some actions in helping save Mother Nature. I hope that more and more people should become like her, not only from older generations but all people of different ages. Remember, nature doesn’t need people but rather people need nature. |



Ocean plastic pollution is a massive environmental problem. Millions of tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year, even plastic that goes in the trash can often end up in the sea! You could learn more about plastic pollution by watching the following documentary videos:






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