Nueva Ecija

Isdaan Floating Restaurant at Talavera, Nueva Ecija. Aside from the delicious Filipino food, the ‘Isdaan’ also exhibits different sculptures – Asian statuaries, mystic animals, human effigies, and many more.


Isdaan Floating Restaurant.


The Philippine Carabao Center is an attached agency of the Deparment of Agriculture established to breed and cross carabao based on high-yield Murrah buffalo (native breed of Haryana state of India) in the Philippines as a multi-purpose animal that can be raised for milk, meat, hide, and draft.


Philippine Carabao Center – National Headquarters.


The National Freshwater Fisheries Technology Center (NFFTC) is located within the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) campus in Munoz, Nueva Ecija which serve as the Philippine Germplasm Reference Collection Center for Tilapia and other freshwater species.



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