A-B-Seas 2019 Schedules And More!

Are you interested in marine conservation but wondering how and where to start? Do you want to start learning how you can help in protecting our oceans? Well, Save Philippine Seas has something that’s just right for you – the A-B-Seas. The following are information to this year’s A-B-Seas events.

First, What is the A-B-Seas?

A-B-Seas is a three-day experiential learning activity that aims to teach the basics of marine ecosystems and biodiversity, connect people to nature, increase pro-environmental behavior, and teach leadership and transferable skills to pursue an advocacy (www.savephilippineseas.org).

What to expect?

To get a glimpse of the program, click the following link and watch a recollection video of one of the A-B-Seas event held in 2018 – A-B-Seas Camp by Bey de Castro.

Who can join?

The A-B-Seas program focuses on the younger generations but everyone is encouraged to join. No one’s too old nor too young when it comes to caring for the environment. There are three (3) particular age groups for the A-B-Seas: a) 10 to 12 years old, b) 13 to 17 years old, and c) 18 years old and above. A-B-Seas dates for each age group varies so better check the schedules presented below.


a-b-seas 2019

There are four (4) A-B-Seas schedules that are set to happen this 2019. The earliest is on February 23 -25 that will cater interested individuals aging 18 years old and above. The next schedule for this age group is on April 6 -8. Children aging 10 to 12 years old also has the chance to join the A-B-Seas on May 10-12. While the A-B-Seas schedule for the youth aging 13 to 17 years old is set from June 7 -9.



All the A-B-Seas events will take place in Calatagan, Batangas. And the place perfectly fits the program because it lies in one of Earth’s most biodiverse marine ecosystem – the Verde Island Passage. It is home to more than 300 coral species, 3 species of turtles, 5 cetacean species, and more than 1700 species of saltwater fishes. Participants will be immersed in the natural environment and will get to see how rich the marine ecosystem of the Philippines.


Let’s hear what people say about the A-B-Seas



Convinced? Well start your registration at www.savephilippineseas.or/a-b-seas. For further inquiries, you may share your questions or concerns via email at a.b.seas@savephilippineseas.org.

More Photos

A-B-Seas 2018.
A-B-Seas 2018 at Kuya Jessie’s Resort of Calatagan, Batangas where participants studied the diversity of flora and fauna in seagrass beds.
A-B-Seas 2018 participants exploring the mangrove area and experiencing taxonomic identification of mangrove plants.
Exploring the coral reefs of Calatagan, Batangas.
Other random activities during the A-B-Seas. Join and you’ll learn while having fun at the same time!


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